Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gran Luchador

I made this as part of a collaborative project called "Gran Luchador" the idea was invite 10 mexican illustrators to create a mexican-wrestler character each one and produce limited series of plush toys, not sure what happened with the project, but I just want to share this.
For Masa Crítica studio.

The Grincket

is a mythology creature that eats tons of everything. And also is my collaboration for the next generation of the Wachi Fichuz cards. Stay tuned!

Thank you Martin aka Himnofeda for your invitation to participate, I can't wait to see the whole set!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

30 Minutes

Postman's Park

Another image from the show at Cosh. This little guy was placed in an tranquil little park by the Museum of London that is overrun by office workers having lunch on week days but deserted at the weekend. The picture was taken by a pond full of foot-long goldfish. Any closer to the centre of London and I am sure these would have been nicked long ago.

Monday, June 11, 2007

High As A Kite

The Barbican

This is one of the images that will be in the GIS show on Thursday. I went to sign the one-off prints this evening and they look great!
And Marcobe at Rottenrow has uploaded a picture and small writeup about an installation i did with him in Manchester in March titled 'Twelve months Later'. Its kinda heartbreaking. Just how I like it.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Online Store

Finally I'm so glad to announce the official release of my online store, was a little difficult cause I setup everything by myself but is done! I have few Giclée Prints now and eventually I'm going to upload more pieces, dependably on comments from people, if you have a particular interest in some of them drop me a line and I'll really consider it to produce prints.

The quality on the prints is superb and the paper very nice, I'm totally pleased with the result.


The Office

We did a short video showing the ambient, some people and installations from the agency I work with, pretty much as part of agency presentation for new clients or colleagues. My roll for this piece was build everything you see, so I pretty much did this video. I like the atmosphere you can perceive and there are some appearing of my toys collection.

You can't really appreciate the quality of the graphics for the intro sequence in the YouTube version, so I'm posting a sample here.

Brief story behind this piece: I made sort of collage to animate and produce this, I built the curtains and have to sowed the logo pillow, also I did the paper clouds in a stick to showing the perception of real craft objects, my initial idea was create the real stage with this objects and filmed but the camera hasn't the right quality and we have a lot of problems with lighting. Then I scanned all this objects and create all the same stage digitally and animated on After Effects. The result as you can see is so rich visually, even that is very short I'm very happy with the final look and feel.

Hope you enjoy it!