Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Work for San Diego

I was invited by the talented designer and artist Paul Drohan aka D5ive to mount an exhibition at his space, Gallery 2C in San Diego, CA. Drop by if you are around. I'm showing new work I did for this show and some previous work.
Below some of the the new work that's born when Paul suggested me the idea.

Kong / Mixed Media (digitally finished)

Puffy Tree / Mixed Media (digitally finished)

Abandoned Acrylic on Wood-panel

Mr. Cyan / CMYK Gang series I

Mr. Magenta / CMYK Gang series I

Mr. Yellow / CMYK Gang series I

Mr. Black / CMYK Gang series I

A Rainy Day / Digital Work

The Helium Adventure / Digital Work

Some shots of the show:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sleeping Rough

Aldgate, London

The next update will be from the Nuart Festival in a couple of weeks. The festival runs from 6th September to 4th November in Stavanger, Norway and aims to be a celebration of contemporary urban art and street culture. Alongside a group of other artists (most of them a lot better than me, such as Dface, Arofish, Blek le Rat, Dolk, Eine, Wordtomother and a load of others) I will be working on an installation in Rogaland Kunstmuseum and also doing stuff on the streets too. I'll post the photos here, and links to other work that has gone on. It should be a blast!
And news for anyone who has emailed me asking if I will be reissuing my first prints 'Dreams Of Packing It All In' and 'Dealer'... well, I won't be reissuing them but I have got back one print of each from a friend who was going to put them up in his gallery which he unfortunately had to close recently. I am thinking of putting them up on ebay with a percentage of the money made going to Amnesty International. Keep checking back for details or email to be put on my mailing list...

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Imaginarians

A recent solo-show at the Grassy Knoll Gallery. Below you can see a series of some characters I has been exploring more in the "none happy" aesthetic, the pieces are 7"X9" acrylic on paper. This is a tendency I want to explore more.