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She & He

I was invited to collaborate with the mexican independent magazine PICNIC with a pair of spread illustrations. The entry and the exit as they called them for the issue entitled "Seducers". So I decided to draw my own interpretation of a "sexy" woman and a "sexy" man :) This time I tried to explore a bit more stylized treatment in my shapes and I liked it so far!

The Year of the Lapin continued... July


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The Last Resort

Wandsworth, London

This is the first image from my new solo show, Concrete Ocean. The show opens 2nd March 2011 at Andipa Gallery in London and will feature a mixture of new images and installations. I am really excited about this show - it has been fun to work on! You can find out a bit more about the show on the Andipa website. I will be posting more images and information over the next few weeks, so check back often.

A major update to my site should be live very soon too - details to follow soon. In the meantime you can follow me on Twitter - I finally relented and signed up (although anyone hoping I will be as prolific as Stephen Fry will be disappointed!) and Facebook.

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I am featured in this quarter's edition of The Street Art Journal, including a pull-out poster of an image from my Big Bad City book. If you can't find a free copy at your local art gallery/ coffee shop / arty-farty hipster hang-out you can subscribe for free here and get it mailed in the post. The zine is put out by Elisa and Seth from Carmichael Gallery and is a brilliant read - really well made, loads of content - and did I mention completely free?

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Concept Art

Two years ago I was invited to work in Studio Baestarts with base in Budapest, Hungary for two months for a 3D animated project as a concept artist for character development and environment concept art. Here is some of the work I did for this project.

The Year of the Lapin


For the Chinese new year of the rabbit I collaborated on an exciting project with the APM centre in Hong Kong. I designed and wore 12 outfits, one for every month. My artworks were made into a  imited edition calendar, iphone case, shopping bag, notebook and lucky envelopes. Squeal!

...they also created 12 enormous 3d versions of me in my outfits for an exhibition which is about to be shown. I'll have some pictures of them for you to see soon but until then I hope you enjoy my outfits which I'll be showing you over the next 12 days.

Hope you all have a fabulous new year of the rabbit!
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