Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I popped over to Glastonbury last weekend - got a lift in a friends helicopter, it's so useful having connections you know. Just seeing the queues from the air was enough to make me feel faint. I don't mind a bit of roughing it - so we stayed in a gypsy caravan! It was so quaint. Sadly I failed in my attempt to hire a horse to complete the look and move my new home wherever I wished - just imagine sitting atop the steps watching Florence and The Machine rock the Other stage!

On the friday night I wore this Vintage harem pantsuit, it was so nice not to have to think about waterproofs, the weather was out of this country - literally!

So two words to sum up the best of the festival
- Stevie Wonder....

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's scorching here but I better stay in the shade or this ensemble may create some interesting tan marks!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. for anyone still searching for a Fifi for LeSportsac Bag you can get them online here - delivery worldwide!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well here's that Erdem dress that I promised to show the my twitterites last Friday. I was suddenly taken ill and had to take to my bed so couldn't wear this little beauty after all. Oh woe is me, I seem to be spending a lot of time tucked up recovering from something or other recently. Oh well, all better now and what better way to start the week than by wearing only the most coveted designer of the moment... and here's the scoop of the day. Erdem very kindly granted me a gorgeous interview for my book and dressed me in the most fabulous gown for a very special evening... you'll have to wait for the book to see it though!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lovely in lilac

Long live Luella!
I can't help feeling a little down wearing this dress. Despite the fact that the sun is shining it's heart out and I don't have to write a book today I can't shake off the slight feeling of despair that Luella is no more. Paws crossed she will get some new backers soon!

...and onto yet more sweetness. Check out these fantastic cakes inspired by little old me made by fan Alia Roslan and written about on her blog 'of my stilettos and spatula'. I have often thought of myself as being sweet as sugar and now here I am immortalized forever in fondant!

Luella - yummy

Prada - Mmmmm

Cynthia Rowley - chomp chomp

Kate Moss for Topshop - scrumptious

Valentino - scoff scoff

Moschino - munch munch

Oh and for anyone interested you can pre-order my book now on amazon. You won't be disappointed, as well as loads of fantastic style tips and advice it is packed full of delicious new drawings!

bunny kisses
Fifi lapin

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kinect Adventures!

Okay, this might not be seen as the rest of my artwork but I have to admit I'm very proud with all the hard work I've been invested on this project. About 7 months ago I was kindly invited by someone in Xbox to come over to the Puget Sound area and collaborate in the production of one of the very first titles for the upcoming video-game technology known as Natal Project, today unveiled at E3 as KINECT. The new video-game system that is going to use your body to control the game and interface and I have to say is pretty cool and even magical the first time you play it!

This is the trailer debut of our game:

I'm not going to reveal yet what's my role on the production of this game, maybe some of you can perceive it there, maybe not.

Thanks to all the amazing and talented people who I work with on this great project and their incredible patience to deal with my very limited experience in the industry.

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The new look!

Hello Lovelies!
So devoted Fifi fans will know that not too long ago I had a bit of a silly accident which resulted in me needing a little surgery on my nose - they told me that although they could fix my nose it would never look exactly the same (thank goodness it wasn't my famously long silky ears that were injured!) so I had a little word with the surgeon and slipped him a photo of a nose I've long admired... thanks Ruby - That's what I call a real best friend!

my new nose - be kind!

I'm not wearing any particular label here, think I got this skirt from a vintage stall at Portobello market and the tee was sent to me from one of my lovely fans!

So a really lovely thing happened today. I received a parcel in the post and inside was a little note that read...

It was from my editor, she definitely gets me!
The note was attached to a beautifully wrapped box and inside of the box were beautifully iced biscuits (cookies to those less British) in the shape of little handbags - swoon!


The company they're from is called biscuiteers - what a fantastic name for biscuit love spreaders!

I do feel spoilt - and slightly sick from eating 5 biscuits in a row. whoops.
Thank you Jocasta, can anyone imagine a nicer editor to have?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello stranger!

Hi all, Yes you're not dreaming it's little old me.
Almost back to reality.
today my book was sent to production!
there will be no more final tweaks and touches.
That's it - finito!

...and that also means I'm back and raring to go. My nose has all healed and I can't wait to show you the results. I am so pleased and quite frankly cannot stop admiring myself in the mirror. But for today my paws are aching from all this work and deserve a rest so you will have to make do with this glamour abounding shot of the legend Valentino surrounded by his famous red gowns and his cute little pugs. I watched the documentary 'Valentino, the Last Emperor' last night and it was fascinating. You must watch it if you can. The man is such an inspiration! If you're in GB you can watch it again on BBC iplayer here...

see you again soon!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

Monday, June 7, 2010

School Trip

Belsay Hall, Northumberland

A couple more images from the Extraordinary Measures show which is on at the moment in Belsay, Northumberland - this time showing the final work in situ as well. The last installation, School Trip, was placed on the visitor's scale model of the hall and grounds - the graffiti is still there too, English Heritage haven't buffed it yet :)

A new book that I am featured in, Beyond The Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art by Patrick Nguyen and Stuart Mackenzie, is available now. It really is a brilliant book which not only weighs a tonnes but also has a tonne of photos and interviews with loads of amazing people from artists such as Jose Parla, Swoon, Judith Supine, and Blu, to websites like Wooster Collective, magazines such as Juxtapoz, as well as galleries, auction houses, web forums and art festivals. I am very proud to have been featured and if i could recommend one book about the tricky-to-pin-down street/urban art 'scene', this would be it.


If you are in Los Angeles, check out the group show Booked at Carmichael Gallery. It opened this weekend at runs until 3rd July. It features a few of my pieces, alongside a load of other work by the guys listed on the flyer below, and a selection of books by the artists featured as well as many more.

Wish You Were Here

Belsay Hall, Northumberland